2nd Jun, 2022

Online Pharmacy In Nepal

An online pharmacy is a web-based seller that sells medicines and includes both legal and illegal pharmacies. Self-determining Internet-only sites, online branches of “brick-and-mortar” pharmacies, and sites representing collaboration among pharmacies drop under the purview of “online pharmacy.” Modern times are observing a surge in E-commerce, including online shopping, and this includes the sale of prescribed and nonprescribed medicines as well. The concept of online pharmacies and the online sale of medicines has been in trend worldwide for more than two decades. Approximately 2986 online pharmacies were operating globally in year 2008, the numbers of which would have blown up as of today. Nepalese consumers too have begun using these online services in recent times. Laws for E-commerce are ill-defined and subject to varied clarification. Laws do exist for online pharmacy stores. As per the Nepalese laws, medicines can be sold only by a recorded pharmacy that has a retail license and a recorded pharmacist on the payroll. A consultation for medicines ordered is necessary, except for the sale of over-the-counter products. Orders for medicines can be taken only from the region where the pharmacy retail license applies. All the medicines must be verified and certified by the recorded pharmacist before delivery. However, there is a doubt regarding the shipping of medicines from one state to another and whether a pharmacy is permitted to collect money before the delivery of medicines. Exporting medicines in Nepal directly to the customers is highly normalized. Furthermore, no provision exists to recognize the prescription written by a doctor who is not recorded in Nepal. Selling medicines to minors (under age 18), selling banned drugs, and selling medicines at a cost higher than the maximum retail price are forbidden. Additional technological requirements associated with privacy, diligence to cyber laws, data protection, and internet advertising are required to be compounded, by these pharmacies.

Why is an online pharmacy in demand?

Online pharmacy offer better value and prices than offline stores, with increased access, lower transaction, and product costs, convenience, and greater visibility for consumers. They offer accessibility to people with limited portability and people in the remote region. These provide media alerts (personalized medicine remembrance service), discounts, doorstep delivery within a short period of time, and acknowledgment of prescriptions through licensed pharmacists. Details about replacement and adverse effects are also available on these sites. Consumers believe (perhaps rightly) that the medicines they receive from online pharmacies are similar to medicines sold in the “brick-and-mortar pharmacies.” Nevertheless their popularity, these pharmacies enjoy a fair share of dispute. These online discussions forgo the detailed patient assessment and physical assessment that is considered necessary before providing treatment. It clearly promotes self-medication. Patients who take these medications may suffer drug-drug interactions and adverse effects, about which they may have no/insufficient prior warning or counseling.

Role of Consumers

Consumer awareness is the key to constraining such underhand practices; consumers need to be educated about the need to confirm the genuineness of the service provider as well as the product and to prevent sites that sell drugs without a legal prescription. Good online pharmacies have well-defined security and quality benchmarks, straightforward privacy and security policies, a verifiable physical address, and a licensed pharmacist on the roll. The tendency should enlighten themselves with a few reputable and legitimate online pharmacies that they may suggest to their patients. A mutual awareness of the online purchase of medicines by the patient is necessary for better patient management and prevention of the significance of self-medication. We need to reflect on the consumers' interests and the tendency for online pharmacies to increase a symbiotic physician-pharmacist-patient relationship. These measures coupled with sufficient observation from controllers can help the consumer reap rich benefits of these pharmacies, sans the essential risks involved.

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