4th Sep, 2022

Online Doctor App In Nepal

Nepal is growing so does its technology. According to research, users' most common app these days are food apps, fashion accessories apps, and health apps. 

We knew the demand for Health apps in Nepal, so we made one Online doctor app after many case studies. Here the users can chat with Doctors with their specialization and explain their problems on chat. Even they can order medicine online there as well. 

The name of the online doctor app is Sajilomeds. This online medicine/doctor app is made in both versions. If you are an android user, you can download it from the google play store, and if you are an iPhone user, you can install it from the app store. 

Lets me know some features and its specification:

  1. - Compatible for android and mac users. 
  2. - Easy to access with simple and easy features
  3. - It is a fast accessing app because it just takes 20 MB of space on your phone 
  4. - It has 3+ rated by users. 
  5. - 1000+ downloads have been done to date and still counting. 
  6. - If you have any issues regarding downloads or their uses, you can contact the given number at www.sajilomeds.com

How can I use Sajilomeds online doctor app?

As we know, every app has its function, but let us guide you on the sajilomeds app, which is easy to use and chat online with doctors who are listed in sajilomeds. These mentioned steps can help you with installation and chat with online doctors. 

  1. -Open your google play store or app store depends you are an android user or a mac user.

  2. -Type Sajilomeds at the search bar of google play store/app store.

  3. -You will get an app list there with the name sajilomeds. Make sure you install the one that has [email protected] email id. 

  4. -Once you install it on your phone, on the top, you can see a button with "Ask Doctor." Click on it. 

  5. -Then click on login; it will ask to register with your Full name and mobile number input. 

  6. -Once your phone number gets verified, it will take you to the login page, where you can log in with your email or mobile number.

  7. -After you input your mobile number, it will generate OTP, which you need to place in which it asks for OTP input. 

  8. -Once you input the right OTP, it will take your profile sajilomeds dashboard.

  9. -Now click on "Ask Doctor."

  10. -You will see a page where it shows + mark on the right-hand side bottom click on it.

  11. -It will take you to Doctor Category (Psychiatrist, general physician, gynecologist, children, bone-related, Skin related)

  12. -Once you click on any of it will take you to the page where you can find doctors related to that category. 

  13. -Choose the one with whom you want to chat. 

Isn't it a simple and easy step to get a solution through this online doctor app? 

What more facilities do Sajilomeds app have?

Sajilomeds app is designed in such a way you can chat with a doctor on the same app and also purchase online medicine through it. 

There is a list of medicine and medical items. Some require a doctor's prescription, and some don't like baby diapers, sanitary pads, etc. 

If you are looking for more information regarding the app and its uses, you can also ring us at +9779851134622.